We want to make sure you have a good experience and protect nature.

Your Safety is important to us!


  • Be responsible and don’t put yourself in danger
  • Make sure people know where you are, have a hiking buddy, or stay with your group
  • Use the trail maps to make sure you know where you are
  • Bring enough water to keep hydrated, sunscreen, and bug repellant
  • Know your limits!  Don’t push yourself beyond your physical abilities
  • All pets need to be leashed and controlled.  They may be a baby with you with but turn into a fire breathing dragon if they think you are being threatened.
  • Look at the weather forecast and wear clothing and footwear appropriate to the season and terrain. Illinois weather is known to change 40 degrees in a day.
  • If you see someone that is putting themselves or someone else in danger, please report them to the conservation police at (815) 667-4726

In order to insure a safe visit please be aware of Park Rules:

  • NO rock climbing anywhere in Park.
  • Stay on the marked trails.
  • NO swimming or wading in canyon pools or the river.
  • Do not deface canyon walls with etchings, paint, or markers.
  • NO littering; bring trash to receptacles by parking areas.