Things to think about

Step 1:  How much time do you have?

I have..
  • just a couple hours
  • half a day
  • all day
  • a few days

Step 2:  What variety of things do you want to do?

I want to …
  • hike in canyons
  • see waterfalls
  • walk along the river
  • see eagles
I want to learn more about whatever you have to offer on topics like…
  • Native Americans
  • Early French Explorers
  • Animals
  • Biology
  • Geology

Step 3:  What impact do you want this to have?

I want to ..
  • get outside and enjoy nature
  • spend time with friends and family
  • learn something
  • get involved and help


2 hours

For example, if you only have 2 hours, want to know the significance of the park, see some specific sites, and want to learn more about the area, then you might want to go on a guided hike to Starved Rock, check out the exhibits in the Visitors Center, and peruse the bookstore.

4 hours

If you have 4 hours, want to maximize on being active outside, and want to feel healthy, then you may want to plot a hike plan based on trails and attractions and pack a picnic lunch.

Couple of days

If you have a couple of days, want to be both outside and learn new things, and want to feel like you were both in nature but also improved your mind then you may want to do a combination of guided hikes, explore some trails, attend a program, and check out the Visitors Center.

Regardless of how much time or resources you have, help is always welcome.  Check out ways to get involved!



Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes are a great way to see the park in different phases.  Many people ask Where are the waterfalls – When are the leaves going to change-When do the eagles get here?  All of these items are seasonal, weather, and condition dependent.

Some things to think about.

Visitors Center

  • Operating Hours
  • Guided Hikes
  • Exhibits
  • Talks & Programs

See what the Visitors Center has to offer!

Le Rocher Bookstore & Gift Shop

All proceeds from the bookstore go to fund the Foundation to keep the Visitor’s Center and programs running.

What you will find at the bookstore and gift shop:

  • Nature books for all age levels
  • Books on local history and geology
  • Relevant research books
  • Postcards, note cards, and local photos
  • Starved Rock magnets, stickers, patches, and walking stick medallions
  • Unique and locally made hiking sticks
  • Posters and puzzles
  • Games, coloring books, and activity books
  • High-quality Vortex binoculars (8.5×32 Raptor, 8×42 Diamondback, and children’s 8×21 ThinkPeak)
  • Bird clocks
  • Various topographic maps
  • Aluminum sipper straw water bottles and photo mugs
  • Autographed books by local authors
  • A “Deals” table with a large assortment of books at 50-80% off of list price

Hours of operation:

The hours of operation rely only on volunteers who can run the store. This means that the following hours are as much a hope and goal as a schedule. Learn more about being a volunteer

9:00am – 4:00pm*

(* If we have a volunteer to staff it! )

Travel Green

Traveling Green

Traveling green is a great way to help Starved Rock and other areas you visit reduce what goes into the waste stream and to generally help the environment. Check out the Traveling Green page for helpful tips on planning your next green adventure.

Thanks for doing what you can to help protect our environment!



Your Safety

Your safety is important to us! We want to make sure you have a good experience and protect nature.  Check out these tips and rules to help make your visit the best experience it can be.