Hennepin Canyon Overlook

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Hennepin Canyon is viewed from the overlook above, with barren trees and a snow covered floor.

One of the less visited sites of the park due to the gravel parking lot off the beaten path of State Route 71.  A woodland hike along the bluffs will bring you to a solitary lookout over the Illinois River.  From the overlook you can head west for a top view of Hennepin Canyon and its waterfall or head further west to visit Owl and LaSalle Canyon.  Want to explore a little bit further?  Take the trail to the east and follow the brown signs to Ottawa, Kaskaskia, and Illinois Canyons.

Length from the Visitors Center: 3.1 miles one way.

Difficulty: Moderate with several major staircases along the way.

Parking: Yes.  The Hennepin Canyon Overlook  parking lot is located just past the LaSalle Canyon parking lot on the south side of State Route 71.  Gravel parking lot where the visitor will follow the trail from parking lot along the road and cross at the sign to access the trail at the woodland edge on the north side of the road. 

Waterfall: Yes, rain dependent. 

Top View: Yes, of the canyon and the overlook with views of the Illinois River. 

Interior Canyon View: No/no access

Flora and Fauna: Various species of woodland birds and mammals can sometimes be seen or heard from the trail including Pileated Woodpeckers, Barred Owls, White-tailed Deer, and Wild Turkeys. 

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