About Us

The Starved Rock Foundation is a friends group that supports the state park through educational programs, supplies, exhibit updates, leading hikes, trail walkers, front desk support, bookstore, and other labors of love. It is a volunteer-run organization. The Foundation and the staff at the park work hand-in-hand to provide a positive park experience. Without them, the Visitor’s Center, guided hikes, and programs could not happen. You can be part of this team!


The Foundation was formed in the early 1990s and was comprised mostly of naturalists and teachers who wanted to ensure the preservation and quality of the park. Its focus was of enhancement to the park. The State of Illinois was unable to provide adequate personnel for the brand new visitor’s center and the Foundation came to the rescue. It operates the 100% volunteer run LeRocher Book Store in the Visitor Center which is its main source of income, assists in the staffing at the information desk, provides volunteers to lead hikes for Special Events, school groups & weekends and provides programming and equipment for the Park Visitor’s Center.

How to Join the Foundation

We welcome your membership. Membership is open to all groups. You can either pick up an application at the Starved Rock Visitors Center or download an Application Form (pdf).

Benefits to being a member:

Many of the benefits of being a member in an organization cannot be listed or described since they are internal and spiritual. Each person makes their own joy out of participating in their own way. Here are some items we can list though.

  • networking with like-interested people
  • opportunities to learn about park interpretation
  • annual recognition
  • annual holiday party

It goes to show how a grass-roots organization can really make a difference! To date the Foundation has donated over $400,000 of programs and equipment to the Park.

Foundation Board Members

Pamela Grivetti

Cheryl Barto
Vice President

John Muir

Mark Walczynski
Park Historian

Cindy Hopps

Terry Warren