Beehive Overlook

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Beehive Overlook juts out over the river, covered with White Pines.

Beehive Overlook may not be the highest overlook in the park, but by no means should it be missed. From the top visitors get excellent views of Eagle Cliff and the Starved Rock Lock and dam from this vantage point, as well as the Illinois river to the east. When viewed from the north shore of the Illinois river, visitors can understand where this feature gets its name. Since the Beehive isn’t as heavily visited as the other overlooks in the park, this is a good place for bird watching.

Length from the Visitors Center: .9 miles one way. 

Difficulty: Visitors will climb a major staircase both directions along the bluff trail to Beehive Point. The stairs up Beehive Rock are a little more difficult than other such places in the park.

Parking: Visitor Center / Lodge / Overflow

Waterfall: No

Top View: Yes

Interior Canyon View: No

Flora and Fauna: Bald Eagles, American White Pelican, Beavers, Chipmunks, Squirrels, raccoons, and white tailed deer have been known to frequent the area along the Red River Trail between Beehive Overlook and Wildcat Canyon. Witch hazel, bladdernut, silver and red maple, as well as the citrusy scent of sassafras can be found along the Red River Trail throughout the seasons.  

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