Description:  Starved Rock State Park would like to invite you to participate in the Annual Starved Rock Art Show held at the Starved Rock Visitor Center.  Artists should download the attached Entry Form and read through the show’s regulations before submitting artwork to the Starved Rock Visitor Center in-person, please. Art submitted by mail is not accepted and we cannot return pieces through the mail either.

Artwork can be submitted with completed entry forms to the Starved Rock Visitor Center before January 31.  Those submitted after the 31st will not be shown.  A committee will judge the entries on February 11 and awards will be announced on February 12.

The show is open to the public to view from February 4 through March 12 of 2023.  All artwork must be claimed by artists no later than March 25.

Date Entries are Due:  Before or By November 20.

Show Open:  February 4 through March 12.

Location:  Starved Rock Visitor’s Center Auditorium

Registration required:  ENTRY FORM