Hike by estimated time

  • Less than an hour
    • French Canyon, Starved Rock (round trip from Visitors Center)
    • St. Louis Canyon (round trip from Visitors Center)
    • Council Overhang, Kaskaskia Canyon (round trip from Visitors Center)
    • Campanula, French (round trip from the Lodge)
    • Aurora, Sac, Kickapoo (round trip from the Lodge)
  • 1 to 3 hours
    • French Canyon, Starved Rock, and Eagle Cliff (round trip from Visitors Center)
    • Lodge to the top trail Aurora, Sac, Kickapoo, and St. Louis Canyon (one way from the Lodge)
  • 3-5 hours
    • LaSalle Canyon, Tonti Canyon (round trip from Visitors Center)
    • Visitors Center, Starved Rock, French Canyon, Eagle Cliff, Wildcat Canyon, Tonti Canyon, LaSalle Canyon (one way from Visitors Center)
  • all day
    • The River Tour:  Starved Rock, French Canyon, Lovers Leap, Eagle Cliff, Wildcat Canyon,  Basswood, Lone Tree, Tonti Canyon, LaSalle Canyon (round trip from Visitors Center)
    • The whole park East to West:  Salt well, Illinois, Iroquois, Council Overhang, Kaskaskia, Ottawa, Hennepin, Hidden, Owl, LaSalle, Tonti, Lone Tree, Basswood, Wildcat, Beehive Overlook, Eagle Cliff, Lover’s Leap, Pontiac, Starved Rock, French, Campanula trail, Aurora, Sac, Kickapoo, and St. Louis (one way from parking at Illinois Canyon)

Notes:  These times are based on recommended parking areas listed in the trail links on this page.  One way assumes you have a vehicle waiting at the end of the trail so you can drive back to your embarkation point.

Guided hikes

Free hikes

Saturdays (June -November):  Hikes are scheduled from the third Saturday of June through the second Saturday of November.

Hikes begin at 9:30 a.m. and will leave directly from the Visitor Center.  Park staff and Volunteer Naturalists will guide visitors to Starved Rock and French Canyon over the course of a 8/10  of a mile hike.   Several staircases will be encountered during the hike, please dress for the weather and hiking conditions.  The geological history of the park as well as both the Native American and French history that shaped this area will be interpreted along with native flora and fauna of the Illinois Valley region.

School and Scout groups may contact the park interpreter to schedule guided hikes and programs (Thursdays and Fridays only-minimum of 10 people and maximum of 40 people).  

Paid hikes

The Starved Rock Lodge offers some wonderful options for folks who would like more choices.  Check out the lodge activities!