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Please make sure you are bringing enough water with you when hiking the trails during these hot days! If you are hiking with your dog please bring enough water for them as well. Too often we have both people and dogs suffer from heat exhaustion, dehydration, and even heat stroke at the park. Stay safe and be smart while hiking during the summer months. ... See MoreSee Less

7 hours ago

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Or better yet, leave your dog home until it’s cooler for them!

Are you open for fishing?

Please make sure you take all the water bottles you bring in, out with you when you leave. Thanks.


Some of you have been asking what trails would be closed and now I have an answer for you!

-Matthiessen State Park lower dells area (access to the waterfalls) is closed due to flooding. Upper dells remain open as well as Vermillion River Area trails (second entrance south off of 178).

-Matthiessen horseback trails are closed due to conditions from the weather.

-Starved Rock-Tonti Canyon is closed (indefinitely due to hazardous conditions).

-Starved Rock, Red River trail is now open but will be muddy so dress appropriately please.

-per previous posts please note that the west entrance and boat ramp area as well as lower parking lot will remain closed at Starved Rock until floodwaters recede.

-all visitors must enter through the south entrance off of route 71 to access Starved Rock State Park.

- kayak rental will be open at Lonepoint shelter off of route 71 on the east end of the park.

Thank you, be safe, stay on the trails, and happy hiking!
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5 days ago

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Is St Louis Canyon open, along with the parking lot?

Amanda Vail

Sarah Lonepoint launch is OPEN!!!

Virginia Garcia

Erica Schrock

Hector Aguirre

Jorge Vazquez

Hunter Schad

Jennifer Elizabeth hmmm

Rose Joelin

Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Park, my fiancé and I were supposed to do our engagement photos at Matthiessen tomorrow, but I’m guessing we need to hold off on those. Any idea when the lower dells may open? I know you guys can’t predict the future, I was curious if you guys just had an estimate. I leave for grad school in early July so we only have about a month to possibly get these done there. Thanks for any update!

How much rain has Matthiessen received to have Equestrian trails to be closed? Or are they just not been mowed?

When we stopped by on Friday, both entrances to the dells were blocked off. The upper and lower. The path around the top was the only thing open. Is this still the case?

I know this was posted Thursday... are all of Matthiessen’s waterfall trails still closed?

It was disappointing to see how much the trails were overgrown this morning on my hike to St. Louis Canyon.

It was hellish today trying to get into either park. I would wait a month

Is it really worth it to travel an hour and a half with all of these things closed?

What time do you guys close?

Maggie Christensen

Lisa Garren

Lisa Noe Gatto

Ashley Kay Nicole Beneventi this is the entrance we need to go in so you can put it in the gps

Marty Lambe

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